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The Electrical Contractors´ Association of Finland STUL

3 000 member companies

The Association aims by all means at promoting the business of its members and lobbies keenly its members´ common interests in professional, technical, commercial and business administration matters and promotes the achievement of high professional skills.

The Association was founded in 1933.

The main activities of STUL are lobbying the interests of the membership, developing the industry and spreading information.

The benefits for the members are a.o.

• advisory services
• information bulletins
• professional training
• labour market services
• research
• quality systems training
• marketing support
• various discounts (insurances, fuel etc)

Local co-operation within the Association is maintained in 16 regional departments that meet regularly to discuss local problems and co-operation.

The majority of the member companies are very small and a special section has been established to watch their interests.

Other groups within the Association are the ITC-group that deals with telecommunications, safety systems etc; the group for those members that specialize in network building; the groups for those members that specialize in service and maintenance or in inspections.

STUL has 14 member associations (see below) working in the fields that are closely related to electrical contracting.

STUL owns two companies. Sähköinfo Oy is the leading information house of the industry and its products – training courses, professional publications, monthly magazines Sähköala and Sähkömaailma etc – serve the entire electrical branch of Finland. STUL members are granted considerable discounts on Sähköinfo Oy´s products and services.

To support its members STUL (Sähköinfo Oy) offers customer information in Sähkö

Henkilö- ja yritysarviointi SETI Oy estimates that the holders of the qualification certificate fullfil the requirements for acting as managers of electrical installation and operation and as managers of the building, repair and maintenance work of elevators, as set forth by the The Ministry of Employment and The Economy.

STUL has representatives in numerous organizations and working groups. STUL co-operates with government officials as well as other organizations of the building and construction branch.

STUL is a member of AIE (Association Internationale des Entreprises d´Equipement Electrique) and has good relations with other Scandinavian electrical contractors´ associations and with the Estonian association EETEL.

STUL members

The Electrical Contractors´ Association of Finland – STUL – has altogether ca 3 000 member companies (December 2018).

Electrical contractors 1 600

These members are electrical contractors in traditional contracting, newtwork building, telecommunications and specialized fields of contracting. There is a great number of small enterprises and very few big ones in the branch in Finland. 

Industry and wholesale co-operation members 300

Information service members / Technical schools 100  

14 member associations (below) and their members 1 000

14 smaller associations have a membership arrangement with STUL. These associations represent branches that are closely related to electrical contracting. Together STUL and the member organizations form the network of electrical contracting.

• AVITA Audio Visual Association of Finland
• Finnish Elevator Association
• Association for Household Machine Service of Finland
• Finnish Refrigeration Enterprises Association
• Association of Building Automation Companies
• Satellite and Antenna Association SANT
• Finnish Maintenance Society
• Association of Finnish Security Enterprises
• Association for Illuminated Signs in Finland
• Electrical Installations Maintenance Society
• Sähkölämmitysfoorumi (association for promoting electric heating)
• Finnish Heat Pump Association SULPU
• KNX Finland
• LonUsers Finland


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